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What do I do if COMM classes are full?

Take classes in your foundations, general education, minor, second major, or take upper-division elective classes. If a COMM class is full, you can email the Senior Program Coordinator (Elena Chabolla) to inquire about the possibility of adding the course to your schedule. It is up to the instructor whether additional students can be added so it's worth asking.

What is the MCWA and do I have to take it?

Every undergraduate degree program requires satisfaction of the Mid-Career Writing Assessment (MCWA). The MCWA is based on students' performance in their second semester English composition course. A grade of A or B in the student’s second semester English course will satisfy this University writing proficiency requirement.  Students earning less than a B grade in their second semester composition course must take one or more additional steps to improve their composition skills so they can meet the writing standards of their major department.  If you did not earn a grade of A or B in your second semester English composition course, see your major academic advisor to find out how you can satisfy the MCWA requirement.

Do I need to have a minor?

Yes, every COMM major must choose a minor. You will need a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in your minor in order to graduate from the UA.

Can I declare my major before I take COMM 101?

Students who wish to declare COMM as their major are encouraged, but not required to have taken or be enrolled in COMM 101. Please see the information at:

How do I check out how many credits I have and what requirements I still have to fulfill?

Go to UAccess Student and view your Advisement Report. After reading your Advisement Report you should meet with an advisor to make sure you are on track.

How many total COMM units are needed to graduate with a degree?

COMM majors are required to complete 33 units (18 upper division) in the major, 18 of which must be completed in the COMM department at the University of Arizona.  See a COMM academic advisor for information on which classes to take to complete 33 units.

How many upper - division COMM units do I need?

COMM majors must complete 18 upper-division COMM units.

What is the math requirement for COMM majors?

The math requirement for COMM majors is SBS/COMM 200 (Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences). 

For students admitted to the University prior to Fall 2012 and who complete COMM 228 prior to Fall 2013, the math requirement is MATH 109C (College Algebra with Data Analysis) OR MATH 112 (College Algebra Concepts and Applications) or higher. A grade of C or better is required to continue in the COMM major.

What core classes do I need to take?

COMM 101, COMM 228, and COMM 300 are the core courses for the COMM major. Students must earn a minimum of a C grade in COMM 101 and COMM 228, with a combined average of 2.5 or better. This means one grade must be an A or B.  

What does it mean to be theory-eligible?

Theory-eligible means that you have successfully completed your math requirement, COMM 101, COMM 228 and COMM 300 with the required grades. Once this has been accomplished, you are eligible for COMM theory classes.

Students need a 2.5 GPA between COMM 101 and 228, and at least a C in both classes, to become eligible for COMM theory classes. You should not take additional hours of COMM courses without having that 2.5 GPA, because you will NOT be able to graduate with a COMM major. Note that both 101 and 228 are restricted to a maximum of two attempts. Please be aware that receiving a W (withdrawal) counts as an attempt. If you try both courses twice and don't make the 2.5 GPA, you must look for another major.

What happens if I am able to get COMM Theory classes without having completed the core classes?

While you may be able to get into COMM Theory classes before completing the COMM core classes with the required grades, you will not be allowed to graduate with a COMM major without meeting the requirements for the COMM core classes.

Does the COMM department allow students to receive credit for internships?

Yes, view information and requirements about our Internship Program here: Be aware that only 3 in-house units (393, 399, 493, 496, 499) may apply to your major without pre-approval from the department.

When and where do I go for degree checks?

Undergraduate seniors with 90 or more earned units will be able to access their application in UAccess Student Center. After you've applied to graduate and have enrolled in your final coursework, make an appointment with your COMM advisor. A final audit of your records is done to ensure that you have completed all requirements for your degree. An application for Degree Candidacy initiates your final degree audit.

Additionally, a $50.00 Late Candidacy Application fee will be assessed if you do not applying before the deadline of your intended graduation date:

Fall and Winter degree candidacy — September 1st (before your intended graduation date)
Spring and Summer degree candidacy — February 1st (before your intended graduation date)

What if I want to double major?

First see an advisor and then choose one major to be your primary and the other will be your secondary.

How can I get more involved?

There are many clubs and organizations such as the Arizona Communication Association, Lambda Pi Eta, and the Communication Club. For more information, go to  

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