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Graduation Information

Graduation Services Advisor

Graduation Services Advisors are responsible for the audit of each undergraduate student's coursework to ensure all university policies have been followed and all university requirements for the students have been met.

For questions regarding degree certification or diploma status, contact Melanie Brady.

Phone   520-626-5511

To graduate and receive their degree, each undergraduate student must complete a 1) degree candidacy application and 2) a degree audit worksheet.

Degree Candidacy Application

Undergraduate seniors with 90 or more earned units will be able to access the online application for Degree Candidacy in their UAccess Student Center. Subsequently, students should make an appointment with their Communication Academic Advisor to complete the second portion of this process.

Click here for a quick tutorial on accessing and submitting your application for degree candidacy.

Deadline to Apply for Degree Candidacy

Applications will be accepted after the deadline, however an additional $50.00 Late Candidacy Application fee will be applied.

  • Spring and Summer graduates - February 1st of the intended semester ($50.00 application fee)
  • Fall and Winter graduates - September 1st of the intended semester ($50.00 application fee)

Degree Audit Worksheet

After submitting the application for degree candidacy, degree candidates must contact Communication Academic Advisor to initiate the Degree Audit Worksheet (DAW). Typically, Advisors can complete DAWs without having to meet with a student. Email your Academic Advisor if you have any questions about completing your DAW. 

The DAW is a form required by Graduation Services, which will communicate your plan to complete your final degree requirements. This form must be completed by your advisors and returned to your Graduation Services Advisor. Dual degree students must complete the application for degree candidacy and the Degree Audit Worksheet per degree.

Delaying this process may also delay your graduation date.

Graduation Ceremonies

Our department does not hold a graduation ceremony for Communication students, though we encourage graduating seniors to participate in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Convocation and the University of Arizona Commencement Ceremony.

Contact Us

Have questions about graduation? Contact your Academic Advisor.


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