Theory Eligibility


Students will no longer have to wait until the end of the semester to become Theory eligible. 

Students will now be eligible to enroll in COMM Theory courses for the next semester with their final core course(s) (COMM 228 and/or COMM 300) in progress*. 

Example: If you are completing COMM 228 in Fall 2019 and it is your final core course, you will be eligible to register for COMM theory during your priority registration for Spring 2020.

*Exception: Students pending eligibility in Summer sessions will have access to open Theory courses starting after the W period begins for the latest applicable Summer course.

After grades have posted for the semester, advisors will review students' Theory eligibility status.

If students have NOT met the requirements, they will be dropped from any Theory courses in which they've enrolled for the following semester and will have to repeat one or more courses to meet Theory eligibility.

Courses may be attempted a maximum of two times (a "W" grade and transferred courses count as an attempt). If you have not met the criteria below and have exhausted your maximum number of attempts at these courses, you will have to find a new major (even if you are a senior).


In order to take COMM Theory courses, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a COMM major

2. Must have a 2.5 GPA between COMM 101 and COMM 228; min C in each course, for example:

  • COMM 101 (C) + COMM 228 (B)

  • COMM 101 (B) + COMM 228 (C)

3. Must have a passing grade in COMM 300 (D or higher)

COMM Core Prerequisites

  • COMM 101: none, a C is considered a passing grade for COMM majors
  • COMM 228: Admission to major, passing grade in COMM 101
  • COMM 300: Admission to major, passing grade in COMM 101

Help us help you!

To ensure that our system accurately identifies ALL students eligible for Theory courses, please email your advisor if one of the following applies to you:

  • You have completed a transfer equivalent for COMM 101, 228, or 300
  • You have already taken PSY 290A, and will use that in place of COMM 228
  • You received an Incomplete in COMM 101, 228, or 300, which has now been changed to a grade

Not Theory-Eligible Yet?

Here are a few courses you can take that count as Theory, but do not have the pre-requisites listed above*:

  • COMM 301
  • COMM 311
  • COMM 313
  • COMM 318
  • COMM 325
  • COMM 402
  • COMM 411 

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Additionally, COMM courses offered in Winter and Summer Sessions do not have pre-requisites.

*Please note that we don’t recommend taking courses out of sequence. The pre-requisites on Theory courses are there for a reason.

*Not all upper-division COMM courses count as Theory. Please consult the Major Outline to accurately determine Theory courses. 

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