M.A. Degree Requirements

1. Upon admission, students will be matched with a sponsoring temporary advisor. After the completion of the first two semesters, the student and temporary advisor meet to discuss whether or not the temporary advisor and student will continue working together or if the student is to find a new advisor. The student may consult with the Director of Graduate Studies in the event of the latter situation.

The guidance committee consists of the advisor and two more committee members from the Communication Department. At least two of these three people must be voting members of the Communication Department faculty. During 1st year of MA program, both an MA Plan of Study and Comprehensive Exam Committee form must be submitted through GRADPATH, the Graduate College's electronic system for submission of required Graduate College Student forms. The Commmittee form indicates student's program advisor and other committee members. Once the committee composition has been approved by the student's advisor and Director of Graduate Studies, any future changes in the composition of the committee require the approval of the Major Advisor and the involved faculty, or a majority of the committee and the Director of Graduate Studies.

2. Master's students must complete 34 units regardless of whether they choose the thesis or non-thesis option. Students are strongly encouraged to recognize that the thesis option will most likely take more time and effort than the non-thesis option. However, the thesis option is recommended for students who wish to pursue the Ph.D.

3. All students must complete the three core courses of 500, 561 and 571.

4. Students must take at least 2 theory seminars from the theory seminar rotation: 609, 610, 620, 669.

5. Students may take up to 6 elective units (2 classes) outside the department.

6. Only 3 units of independent study or internship may be counted toward the 34 minimum.

7. The program must be completed in 2 years with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

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