Communication Major

The Communication Major provides students with communication skills that are useful for a variety of professional careers. Our mission is to provide students majoring in Communication with the ability to speak and write clearly and effectively, complete research to better understand the world around them, become critical consumers of information, and apply critical thinking skills to real world challenges.

Through communication, humans structure their environment and determine the nature of their relationships with others. This major centers on the scientific study of communication, its processes and effects. Students may take courses related to interpersonal communication, social influence and persuasion, or the social effects of media and new information technologies. Because communication is the most basic social behavior and the means by which individuals function in society, its study is relevant to many academic and career interests. However, the major does not focus on specific skills training such as public relations, broadcast journalism, or sports marketing.

If you would like to major in Communication please see the following page for information regarding how to declare the major.

Requirements for Communication Majors

  • If your Catalog Year is Fall 2011 or earlier, please contact your COMM advisor to confirm your requirements
  • If your Catalog Year is Fall 2012 or later, please see attachment below. 

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