Student Publications

Recent Publications First-Authored by a Current Graduate Student

Carter, S. N., Harwood, J., & Rains, S. A. (2024). When they support us: Expectations for social support from outgroup members. Communication Monographs, 91(1), 175–192. ufh.

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Gahler, H., Dajches, L., Terán, L., Yan, K., & Aubrey, J. S. (2023). Instagram influences: An examination of the tripartite influence model of body image among a racially diverse sample of young-adult women. Computers in Human Behavior, 145, N.PAG-N.PAG. asn.

Gahler, H., Zeng, J., Yan, K., Terán, L., Dajches, L., & Aubrey, J. S. (2023). Birds of a feather flocking together on Instagram: How racially similar followers and followings on Instagram are linked to young women’s body image. Body Image, 47, 101626. cmedm.

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Yan, K., Salmon, J., & Aubrey, J. S. (2022). A sexy post a day brings the “likes” your way: A content analytic investigation of sexualization in fraternity Instagram posts. Sexuality & Culture: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 26(2), 685–706. psyh.