STUDY ABROAD: Orivieto Spring 2012 Classes

Study abroad in Orvieto, Italy! 

The Arizona in Italy Program works in collaboration with the University of Arizona and is an institution fully accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca - MIUR). 


Study Abroad Applications for Spring 2012 are due October 15, 2011.                                                                               

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All courses are upper division and count for the communication major and minor, including the “theory” requirement for the major and the skills requirement for the minor. All classes are taught in English

Comm 415: Nonverbal communication. This course will examine dimensions of nonverbal communication such as physical appearance, facial expression, vocal cues, body movements, touch, personal space, environmental factors and the use of time. We will review theory and research on patterns formed by multiple nonverbal behaviors to fulfill a social function (e.g., regulation of interaction, impression formation, social influence and intimacy management). And we will look at applications of nonverbal communication in friendships, family, the workplace and other settings.

Comm 496z: Applied health communication. In addition to reviewing topics of health communication such as patient/provider relationship, health care reform and social support, this course takes a practical approach to the communication of health information and the ways in which we try to change health behavior. Applying principles of social influence and public relations, students will pursue a semester-long project to design a health campaign related to an important public health concern (e.g., cancer prevention, smoking cessation, safe sex, etc.).                                                      

Comm 496z: Interpersonal communication in intercultural contexts. This course examines the intersection of interpersonal and intercultural communication, looking at the ways in which communication between individuals from different cultural groups can be accomplished effectively, or can fall apart. Using theories from communication, psychology, and intercultural relations, the course will provide both the research background and the practical skills for intercultural communication.

Instructor: Lilian Jacques (MA, University of Arizona) has 20 years of teaching experience, including previous teaching in Orvieto, Tucson and Rio de Janeiro. She is a specialist in the areas of health communication and nonverbal communication. Lilian speaks English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish. She has a broad international experience and she believes that studying abroad is a vital experience for communication students.

Other classes typically available for Orvieto students: While you are in Orvieto you can also take classes in Classics, Italian, and Latin. More information at: and from the Orvieto advisor: Cara Simon (

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