Intercultural Certificate

The certificate serves as recognition of having received a concentration of coursework in the area of intercultural communication in an international context. The certificate signals that the recipient understands the challenges of intercultural communication, has practiced and honed the skills required to engage in such communication, and knows a range of theory and research in the area of intercultural communication.

The certificate also documents that the recipient has spent time practicing these skills in an international setting while studying the concepts.

The Communication Department at the University of Arizona certifies that an individual with this certificate has distinct knowledge and skills in terms of working productively in an international and intercultural setting.


  • COMM 117: Introduction to Intercultural Communication (ideally prior to study abroad). If this course was taken at another institution, request a transfer evaluation.
  • At least 6 units (summer) or 9 units (fall/spring) of Communication coursework taken at Arizona in Orvieto.
  • Fall/Spring only: At least 3 additional units of coursework taken during study abroad. This can be one of the other course offerings in Orvieto in another discipline (e.g., Sociology, Psychology, Classics, etc.).

How to Apply

1) Complete the curriculum requirements. Students studying abroad in programs other than Arizona in Orvieto must have their coursework pre-approved by a Communication advisor if they believe they qualify for the certificate requirement.

2) Email a completed application to Kyle Tusing ( for review. The application may be found here: