Christopher McKinley, Ph.D.

Christopher McKinley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at Montclair State University

Dr. Christopher McKinley specializes in health communication and media effects. His research explores the role of narrative persuasion on health decision-making as well as factors motivating online health information seeking. Within these investigations, he explores how distinct psychosocial factors (i.e., self-efficacy, social support) interact with web use to predict health outcomes.

Selected Publications

McKinley, C. J., & Limbu, Y. B., Jayachandran, C. N. (2017). The Influence of Statistical versus Exemplar Appeals on Indian Adults’ Health Intentions: An Investigation of Direct Effects and Intervening Persuasion Processes. Health Communication, 32, 427-437.

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McKinley, C. J., & Ruppel, E. (2014). Exploring how perceived threat and self-efficacy

contribute to college students’ use and perceptions of online mental health resources. Computers in Human Behavior, 34, 101-109.

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