The Honors College aims to foster a community of scholars through research opportunities and social and cultural events where students can interact with each other and with faculty. The Department of Communication endorses this goal and offers the Honors opportunity to excellent communication students. Communication is not only the quintessential human behavior; it is also a challenging, fascinating, and growing academic discipline. While solidly rooted in centuries-old study of rhetoric, Communication is now a thriving area of highly relevant social scientific research. It is an ideal major for students interested in understanding how people and interpret information and how people enact human relationships. The undergraduate Honors program in Communication is intended to stimulate and challenge our very best students, and invite them into the working world of professional communication scholars. Here's how to participate and graduate with Honors in Communication

1. Participate in the Honors Program

Based upon recommendations of the Honors College Admission Committee eligible students are admitted to the Honors College either upon admission to the university or through the Honors College Nomination Process. Check the Honors College website for instructions on how to apply. To graduate with Honors a student must (1) maintain a 3.5 GPA, (2) complete 24 units of Honors courses (12 if entering as a junior or senior), (3) complete 498 H, and (4) submit a completed Honors thesis to the Honors College prior to graduation. These requirements apply regardless of the student's chosen major.

2. Join the Communication Honors Program

To be admitted to the Communication Honors major, students must complete Comm 101 & Comm 228 with grades of at least B in each, and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 these two courses. Prior to completing Comm 101 & 228, meet with an academic advisor in Communication to declare yourself a "Pre-Communication" major, and to discuss your Honors program. After completing these courses, see the advisor again to be designated a Communication major and to enroll in the communication Honors program.

3. Complete the Communication Major with Honors

After being admitted to the Communication Honors major, complete Comm 300 and at least 3 units of Communication skills coursework (Comm 113, 114, 117, 119, 312) After completing Comm. 300 and 3 units of Communication skills coursework, complete the rest of the coursework for the major in designated Communication Honors seminars. Each semester, the Department of Communication will offer two such seminars. Each seminar will encourage extensive interaction with research scholars who are among the leaders in Communication research. Each seminar will be focused in an area of communication study representing the instructor's primary research interest, and will enable our best undergraduate students to engage directly with faculty and graduate scholars in communication research.

To graduate with Honors in Communication:
1. Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in Communication as well as a 3.5 overall GPA
2. Complete at least 24 units in Honors courses (12 if a transfer student)
3. Complete an Honors thesis with the approval of an Honors thesis advisor. You will acquire an Honors thesis advisor by asking a member of the Communication faculty to work with you in this role

Honors Thesis
Comm 498 H Honors Thesis* TBA


    * Steve Rains
    * Director of the Undergraduate Honors Program in Communication
    * Communication 319
    * srains@email.arizona.edu
    * (520) 626-3065

      *In Communication 496 H will substitute for 498H. Students will complete a literature review, and write a proposal for their honors thesis in the seminar. Thesis will then be completed while enrolled in 498 H. 496 H and 498 H may be taken concurrently with permission of the instructor.


Communication Honors Seminars
Comm 339 H Media Communication & Race Dr. Dana Mastro
Comm 369 H Health Communication Dr. Mary Brown
Comm 401 H Life Span Communication Dr. Jake Harwood
Comm 403 H Small Group Communication Dr. Joseph Bonito
Comm 405 H Mass Communication & Children Dr. Dale Kunkel
Comm 407 H Family Communication Dr. Chris Segrin
Comm 424 H Media & Politics in America Dr. Henry Kenski
Comm 496 H Integrating Seminar in Comm Dr. Michael Dues

Communication Honors students may also apply non-Honors Communication courses toward graduation, and Honors courses taken in other departments may be applied toward the total of 24 Honors units required for Honors graduation.


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