About the Internship Program

The Department of Communication Internship Program provides 1-3 units in the form of COMM 393 or COMM 493 to undergraduate communication majors or minors who seek to gain professional experience. COMM 393 and COMM 493 count as upper division elective credit.

The students participating in our program gain opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge in professional contexts and to gain meaningful organizational skills, which are important steps in becoming a professional. Students can find internships on their own or use the COMM Digest to find an internship: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vQizteLyjFSxAWL_gpkFTBm-KbY39qNU1WBRbWHDl-I/pub

The organizations who host interns through our program gain access to undergraduate students who have earned at least 12 units in the Communication program. If your organization has an internship opportunity to offer, please email it to Corey Pavlich [cpavlich@email.arizona.edu ] and he will see that it is posted to the COMM Digest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vQizteLyjFSxAWL_gpkFTBm-KbY39qNU1WBRbWHDl-I/pub

For students applying: You should apply for internship units prior to the semester/summer session in which you plan to complete the internship so that you are registered before the first day of classes (e.g., if you plan to complete an internship in the fall, you should submit your internship application a week before the first day of fall classes so that your application can be reviewed and you can be registered before the first day of classes to avoid late add fees). All summer internship students are registered for Summer II units. We will register students after the first day of classes but it is to your benefit to submit your application before the first day of classes.

To qualify for COMM internship credit, students must meet the following requirements:

- Communication major or minor

- Junior (minimum 56 Units) or Senior (minimum 87 Units) status

- Completed 12 units of Communication courses (3 units of which must be numbered 300 or above)

- 2.5 GPA in University of Arizona coursework

- 2.75 GPA in Communication coursework


The following materials should be included in your application:

  1. Internship application form (download HERE)
  2. Unofficial UA transcript
  3. Résumé
  4. One to two page paper addressing the following questions:
  •   Why are you applying for the experiential learning (internship) class?
  •   What type of internship are you interested in completing?
  •   What skills do you possess that qualify you to do this internship?
  •   What benefits do you expect to gain from the internship experience?
  •   How do you think this internship will enhance what you have learned in the classroom?

Email your completed application to Corey Pavlich at cpavlich@email.arizona.edu for review.

Questions about internship should be directed to Kyle Tusing at kjt@email.arizona.edu or Corey Pavlich at cpavlich@email.arizona.edu.

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