Welcome to the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona

Our department offers studies leading to B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. It has approximately 30 graduate students and 1000 undergraduate majors. The department's strong commitment to quality teaching and research has earned its faculty and graduate students numerous teaching awards and a ranking as one of the top doctoral programs in the nation. Specifically, according to the National Communication Association's rankings of communication doctoral programs, the department's interpersonal and small group program ranks 10th , the media program ranks 12th, and the health program ranks 16th. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences in which it is located is also home to several other internationally ranked programs such as Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Sociology. The communication faculty participates in interdisciplinary research and teaching with other departments at the university. The department prides itself on its strong commitment to its interpersonal, media, and health research tracks. In addition, the faculty in the department address small group communication, intergroup communication, political communication, and communication and technology. We encourage you to tour our departmental Website and learn more about our department, undergraduate and graduate programs, our faculty, graduate students, and staff. 



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