Graduate Students Give Course on Intro to Communication for UA Prison Education Project

A group of ten of our Communication graduate students are involved in presenting communication course to inmates at the Whetstone Unit, in the Arizona State prison system.  This five-week introduction to communication course covers topics as diverse as intercultural communication, public speaking, organizational communication, and media.  The photo to the right features graduate students Alice Fanari, Amanda Cooper, and Rose Kelly, who taught a couple of weeks ago. Other Communication graduate students who are also involved are Leah Dajches, Heather Gahler, Katarina Nemcova, Kaylin Duncan, Sandi Wallace, Larissa Teran, and Dana Dinsmore.  The class has about 30 very engaged and active students.

The University of Arizona Prison Education Project is an ongoing selection of reading and writing course, as well as a lecture series for inmates at the Arizona Department of Corrections Whetstone Unit.  The program began with a generous donation from made to the Department of English by Barbara Martinsons, who teaches sociology and American history in prisons in New York each summer and pioneered prison education in New York City.

To learn more about the Prison Education Project, click here.

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03/14/2019 - 2:35pm

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