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New book by Dr. Kory Floyd

Cambridge University Press has published a new book by Dr. Kory Floyd called Affectionate Communication in Close Relationships. This book details 25 years' worth of Dr. Floyd's research on affectionate communication, as well as the research of others in communication, social psychology, medicine, nursing, family studies, and related fields. This text explores the scientific research on affection exchange that has emerged from the disciplines of communication, social and clinical psychology, family studies, psychophysiology, sociology, nursing, and behavioral health.

Dr. Kory Floyd is a professor of interpersonal communication at the University of Arizona's Department of Communication and the author of 15 books, including The Loneliness Cure: Six Strategies for Finding Real Connections in Your Life. His work focuses on how people show affection for each other in their close friendships and on the problems we face when we don't have enough intimacy in our lives.


‘Understanding and expressing affectionate behaviors has, perhaps, never been more important. Kory Floyd is the long-time leader in affectionate communication research, and this significant volume uses his Affection Exchange Theory to anchor far-reaching and practical opportunities, benefits, and concerns about communicating affection.' 
Dawn O. Braithwaite - Willa Cather Professor and Chair, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
‘Kory Floyd provides an amazingly complete, integrated, and critiqued account of existing research on the expression and exchange of affection. Both engaging and sophisticated, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the myriad factors that contribute to beneficial and problematic affection exchange.' 
Valerie Manusov - University of Washington
‘For the past three decades, Kory Floyd has developed an uncommon clarity and understanding of not only what affection is, but also why it is so significant to a host of life-sustaining issues. His new book is an extended explanation of human affection argued with the grace, clarity, and distinctive voice of a truly insightful scholar. This is Kory Floyd at his very best.' 
Mark T. Morman - Director of Graduate Studies, Baylor University, Texas
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02/11/2019 - 1:30pm

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