Comm Development Day a Success!

On March 16, 2018, the Department of Communication hosted its first annual Comm Development Day.  It was an idea the graduate students came up with in order to make a meaningful contribution to the undergraduate students they serve.  Once this idea was presented, the faculty and staff were immediately on board. 

Ph.D. student and GTA, Corey Pavlich said, "For me, The idea for comm development day stemmed from interactions that I have with internships students. A lot of reason why students like internships is because of the direct applicability of the material that they learn in their courses and how they're able to practice those skills outside of the classroom. After hearing this, I thought, 'I want all communication students to be able to experience this applicability,' So I pitched the idea as a potential service opportunity at our 1st AGSC meeting of the spring semester.  Over all there was a very positive reception With various workshops being standing room only."

Nate Woo, a Ph.D. Student and GTA, also commented, "Ultimately, the purpose of the Comm Development Day was to share our combined knowledge, skills, and life experiences with the undergraduate communication majors in a way that would benefit them when they are on the job market after they graduate from UofA. Many of us have experience outside of academia. We thought the Comm Development Day would provide a good opportunity us to share what we know with them. 

"My favorite part of the day was when I held my resume/cv workshop. It felt great being able to give back to a group of undergrad comm majors. When I was an undergrad, a doctoral student in the communication department at UC Davis acted as my mentor and research role model. She helped me with my resume and shared her grad school experiences with me. Even though my workshop was only 50 minutes long, I felt like I was able to pay it forward, so to speak. That felt pretty cool." Woo said. "The Comm Development Day wouldn't have been as successful as it was without the help and effort of the entire department."

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