Colloquium featuring Kristina Scharp, PhD: "How Communication Processes Address Inequity and Stigma: The Importance of Remaking, Resistance, and Resilience"

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Fri, 10/22/2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Communication Building, Room 206

Abstract: So many people experience inequity and stigma throughout their lifetime. Yet, it can be difficult to understand these perspectives when they do not mirror our own. Perspective-taking can be even more difficult when it’s unclear where stigma and inequity originate. During this colloquium, Dr. Kristina M. Scharp discusses how the communicative processes of remaking, resistance, and resilience can help us better understand inequity and stigma. Based on studies about parent-child estrangement, complicated health diagnoses, and migration to the United States, she also illustrates how communication scholarship can advance theory, inform new research methods, and translate to the public.

Guest Speaker: Kristina M. Scharp, Ph.D.

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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