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Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D.

About Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor at Chapman University

Dr. Riva Tukachinsky is an associate professor in the School of Communication at Chapman University. She studies media psychology, namely how individuals choose, comprehend and can ultimately be influenced by media.

Selected Publications

Tukachinsky, R., & Eyal, K. (2018). The psychology of marathon television viewing: Antecedents and viewer involvement. Mass Communication and Society, 21(3). Advance online publication

Tukachinsky, R., & Dorros, S. (2018). Parasocial romantic relationships, romantic beliefs, and relationship outcomes in U.S. adolescents: Rehearsing love or setting oneself up to fail?. Journal of Children and Media, 12(4). Advance online publication

Tukachinsky, R., & O’Conner, C.* (2017). Involvement with media content. In P. Roessler (Ed.), International encyclopedia of media effects. Wiley Publications. [Peer-reviewed]

Tukachinsky, R. (online publication July 2017, in print 2018). Media portrayals and effects: African Americans. In H. Giles & J. Harwood (Eds.), Oxford encyclopedia of intergroup communication. Oxford Press University. [Peer-reviewed]

Tukachinsky, R., Mastro, D., & Yarchi, M. (2017). Effects of media representations of ethnic minorities on Black and Latino viewers’ self- and majority-group perceptions. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 61(3), 538-556.

Liang, J., & Tukachinsky, R. (2017). Narrative persuasion 2.0: Transportation in participatory websites. Communication Research Reports, 34(3), 201-210.

Tukachinsky, R., & Sangalang, A. (2016). The Effect of Relational and Interactive Aspects of Parasocial Experiences on Attitudes and Message Resistance. Communication Reports, 1-14.

Tukachinsky, R. (2015). When actors don’t walk the talk: Parasocial relationships moderate the effect of actor-character incongruence. International Journal of Communication, 9, 3394–3410.

Tukachinsky, R. (2015). When actors don’t walk the talk: Parasocial relationships moderate the effect of actor-character incongruence. International Journal of Communication, 9, 3394–3410.

Tukachinsky, R. H., & Mastro, D. (2015). Journal of Social Issues. Special Issues on the topic of: Media representations of race and ethnicity: Implications for identity, intergroup relations, and public policy.

Tukachinsky, R. (2013). Parasocial relationships. In M. S. Eastin (Ed.), Encyclopedia of media violence. (pp. 278-282). Sage Publications.

Tukachinsky, R. (2014). Experimental manipulation of psychological involvement with media. Methods and Measures in Communication, 8, 1-33.

Tukachinsky, R., & Tokunaga, R. S. (2013). The effects of engagement with entertainment, Communication Yearbook, 37, 287-322.

Mastro, D., & Tukachinsky, R. H. (2012). Cultivation of perceptions of marginalized communities. In M. Morgan, J. Shanahan & N. Signorielli (Eds.), The cultivation differential (pp. 38-60). Peter Lang Publishing.

Mastro, D., & Tukachinsky, R. H. (2011). Exemplar versus prototype-based processing of media content and the influence on racial/ethnic evaluations. Journal of Communication, 61, 916-937.

Tukachinsky, R. H. (2011). Para-romantic love and para-friendships: Development and assessment of a multiple-parasocial relationships scale. American Journal of Media Psychology, 3(1/2), 73-94.

Tukachinsky, R., Mastro, D., & King, A. (2011). Is a picture worth a thousand words: The effects of race-related visual versus verbal race-related exemplars on attitudes and support for social policies. Mass Communication and Society, 14(6), 720-742.

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Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D.

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Processing mode and actor-character congruency as moderators of narratives’ effects on viewers’ attitudes
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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