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Paulina Swiatkowski, Ph.D.

About Paulina Swiatkowski, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Assistant Director of Operations and Scheduling at Northern Arizona University

Currently, I am a Lecturer and the School of Communication’s Assistant Director of Operations and Scheduling at Northern Arizona University. As a teacher-scholar, I continuously develop my teaching in an effort to better serve the students in their quest through the liberal arts education. Although my research interest lies specifically in looking at how media affect interpersonal relationships, I also consider myself a generalist and welcome any teaching opportunity. I received my PhD from the University of Arizona in Communication in the College of Social and Behavioral Studies. My research emphasis includes interpersonal relationships (romantic, family, friendship) and media effects. I am also the founder of PS Social Communications, a social media marketing firm specializing in building relationships between brands and their audiences.

Selected Publications

Swiatkowski, P. (2016). Magazine influence on body dissatisfaction: Fashion vs. health?. Cogent Social Sciences, 2(1), 1250702.

Badger, T., Segrin, C., Swiatkowski, P., McNelis, M., Weihs, K., & Lopez, A. M. (2016). Why Latinas with breast cancer select specific supportive partners to participate with them in psychosocial interventions. Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Segrin, C., McNeilis, M. J., & Swiatkowski, P. (2016). Social skills, social support, and psychological distress: A test of the social skills deficit vulnerability model. Human Communication Research, 42, 122-137.

Segrin, C., McNeilis, M. J., & Swiatkowski, P. (2016). Social support indirectly predicts problem drinking through reduced psychological distress. Substance Use and Misuse, 51, 608-615.

Segrin, C., Givertz, M., & Swiatkowski, P. (2014). Family of origin parenting and young adults’ psychosocial competencies. In K. Adamczyk & M. Wysota (Eds.), Functioning of Young Adults in a Changing World. (pp. 85-110). Krakow, Poland: LIBRON.

Segrin, C., Givertz, M., Swiatkowski, P. Montgomery, N. (2013). Overparenting is associated with child problems and a critical family environment. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 24, 470-479. doi: 10.1007/s10826-013-9858-3

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Contact Information

Paulina Swiatkowski, Ph.D.


PhD, Communication, University of Arizona

MA, Communications, California State University-Fullerton

BA, Communications and Advertising, California State University-Fullerton

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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