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Michael Dues

About Michael Dues

Michael Dues (Ph.D., Communication and American Studies, Indiana University, 1973) Dr. Dues studies and teaches organizational communication, conflict management, and argumentation. He is a former head of the Department of Communication, and a past President of the Arizona Communication Association. He is co-author (with Mary L. Brown) of Boxing Plato’s shadow: An introduction to the study of human communication (2003), McGraw-Hill; and The practice of organizational communication (2001), McGraw-Hill Primus. His instrument for assessing the influence of an organization’s culture on its members’ conflict management behavior, the Conflict Climate Inventory, has been usefully applied in a broad range of organizations, and will be accessible on long beginning in January, 2007. He is active in applying knowledge of organizational communication to assist non-profit community organizations with strategic planning and team development.

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Michael Dues
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