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Hilary Gamble is a media effects researcher who studies the influence of both traditional and digital media on emerging adults’ sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Her dissertation is titled “From Sexual Media to Unwanted Hookups: The Mediating Influence of College Women's Endorsement of Traditional Heterosexual Scripts, Sexual Self-Concept, and Perceived Peer Norms” and examines the mechanisms through which college women’s sexual media use may be encouraging risky sexual behavior that may result in victimization and other negative physical, psychological, and social outcomes.

Hilary’s previous research has been published in Communication Monographs and her scholarship has been recognized by a number of awards and grants. In 2014, she was awarded a top paper award from the Mass Communication Division at the National Communication Association Annual Conference and she received a research grant from the Graduate and Professional Student Council at the University of Arizona to conduct a study that examined the influence of sexist humor in online contexts. In 2015, she received the Award for Research Excellence from the University of Arizona Department of Communication.

Selected Publications

Gamble, H. & Nelson, L. (in press). Sex in college relationships: The role television plays in emerging adults' sexual expectations in relationships. Communication Monographs, TBD.

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Hilary Gamble
Telephone: (520) 626-0231
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Office: Communication 102


M.A. Communication-University of Arkansas (2011)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Communication
  • Introduction to the Study of Communication
  • Digital Video Production II
  • Public Speaking
  • Fundamentals of Communication
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