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Senior Student Support Specialist within the SALT Center at the University of Arizona

Bethany Lutovsky is working as a Senior Student Support Specialist within the SALT Center at the University of Arizona. Within this role, she mentors students with learning and attention challenges. A large portion of this role consists of providing academic and emotional support to help students succeed in higher education. In addition, Bethany has supported SC3 (Social Communication for College & Career), which is a 9-week program at the SALT Center that teaches students social and communication skills, placing an emphasis on students who struggle with social cues. Bethany is in the process of transforming her dissertation on Networked Parasocial Relationships into a publication. She is looking forward to continuing her work on parasocial relationships and stigmatized individuals, focusing on what individuals in stigmatized communities gain from these media representations and relationships. She plans to return to academia in the near future.

Research Interests

Interpersonal relationships and social media/computer mediated communication

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Bethany Lutovsky


Ph.D. in Communication
M.A. in Speech Communication
B.S. in Management Communication

Dissertation Title

Networked Parasocial Relationships: Examining the Contributions of Ego-Networks and Identity on Positive Parasocial Relationships and Their Importance
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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