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Anthony "Tony" Schmidt, M.A.

About Anthony "Tony" Schmidt, M.A.

Communication Faculty, Yakima Valley College

Tony Schmidt (M.A. 2012, University of Arizona) is a Communication faculty member at Yakima Valley College where he teaches a wide range of courses. He’s happy to speak with you about Sports and Political Communication as well as his (very positive!) experience in our program.  His graduate research was focused on the intersection of racial bias, media, and sports.  He has taught courses in public speaking and argumentation at the University of Arizona as well as argumentative writing and research at the University of Washington.

Research Interests

Tony’s research interests are focused on the intersection of racial bias, media, and sports.

Selected Publications

Schmidt, A., & Coe, K. (2014). Old and new forms of racial bias in mediated sports commentary: The case of the National Football League draft. Journal of Broadcast & Electronic Media: 58(4): 655-670.

Coe K., & Schmidt A. (2012). America in black and white: Locating race in the modern presidency, 1933-2011. Journal of Communication: 62, 609-627. Recipient of the NCA's Political Communication Division Outstanding Article Award, 2013.

Anthony "Tony" Schmidt, M.A.'s picture

Contact Information

Anthony "Tony" Schmidt, M.A.


M.A. University of Arizona 2012

Courses Taught

  • COMM 119
  • COMM 312
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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