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Complete these steps prior to traveling

How to get started

1. Create a graduation plan with your advisor before you start your study abroad planning. That way, you'll know whether studying abroad fits into your graduation timeline.
2. Search for a UA Study Abroad Program*. View all study abroad programs.
3. Meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator to determine which program is the best fit for you. You can also attend weekly info sessions, or Walk-Ins. Click here to meet with a Coordinator.
4. After choosing a program, meet with your COMM Advisor to select your courses**.
5. Apply to the program you have chosen. It is recommended that you choose only one program, since you will be charged a non-refundable fee of $80.00 per opened application.
* Start planning at least one full semester in advance before the intended semester
** Your major advisor can approve courses for your major and/or general education. If you plan to take any courses for your minor or a second major, you'll need to get approval for those courses from the advisor for that program.

Meet with your Advisor

During your appointment, your advisor will discuss requirements, a course plan, and help you complete your Study Abroad Course Selection Form. Be sure to bring the Course Selection Form, and Transfer Pre-Approval Form (if applicable) with you to your appointment, or you will need to reschedule.

  • If you are studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy, make an appointment with a COMM advisor.
  • If you are not studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy, complete the following steps:
    • Choose a program and select the courses you would like to take. 
    • Email your advisor the list of courses with links to specific course descriptions. Include more courses than you plan to take.
    • Advisors will respond within 1-2 weeks with course approval. Please plan ahead!
    • Finally, make an appointment with a COMM advisor

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