Study Abroad

If you are interested in the Direct Credit Study Abroad programs Arizona in Italy or Arizona in Acala de Henares, Spain, visit the following pages for more information:

If you plan to study abroad, start planning at least one full semester in advance. 

You'll need to start through UA Study Abroad and complete the steps listed. 

Meeting with your major advisor is Step 5, but we recommend that you've created a graduation plan with your advisor before you start your study abroad planning. That way, you'll know whether studying abroad fits into your graduation timeline (if you're flexible, it usually can!) and what sort of courses you should plan to take while you're away. 

After you've completed Steps 1-4 on the above website, you'll need to meet with your advisor to select your courses.  

If you are NOT planning to study in Orvieto with Arizona in Italy, you will need to complete the following steps before making an appointment with a COMM advisor:

  • Choose a program, and select which courses you’d like to take. 
  • Email your advisor a list of courses (to be safe, include more than you plan to take) with links to specific course descriptions.
  • Advisors will respond within 1-2 weeks with course approval. Please plan ahead!
  • Finally, make an appointment with your advisor. 

If you ARE planning to study in Orvieto with Arizona in Italy, you can just make an appointment with your advisor. 

During your appointment, we will discuss your requirements and course plan, and complete your study abroad course selection form. Be sure to bring the Course Selection Form, and Transfer Pre-Approval Form (if applicable) with you to your appointment, or you will need to reschedule. 

** Please note: Your major advisor can approve courses for your major and/or general education. If you plan to take any courses for your minor or a second major, you'll need to get approval for those courses from the advisor for that program. 

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