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Scholarships & Awards

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BRENNA ILANA BERGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ($30,000) Application Open from January 1 through April 1, 2021

DESCRIPTION: This generous contribution has been created by Robert, Esther and Melany Berger to establish a scholarship in memory of their beloved daughter and sister, Brenna Ilana Berger. Brenna counseled at-risk students and believed that all students should be afforded an equal opportunity to further their education no matter their circumstances. She counseled and inspired students that might have “fallen through the cracks” from no fault of their own and fostered meaningful relationships with countless students to ensure they had the proper guidance to continue their studies. She also believed that there was more to a student than their GPA. This scholarship is for those students.

This unique scholarship is one of the largest at the University and will be awarded to, two (2) deserving students. These awards are designated for undergraduate students who may be experiencing financial and/or personal hardships and therefore may be at risk of delaying and/or forfeiting their U of A education. Students will prepare a one-page essay on these hardships and/or obstacles they have overcome while in pursuit of their higher education.

Brenna counseled, guided and inspired her students to be their best no matter their circumstances and her legacy will live on forever for those awarded this incredible honor.

Eligibility requirements for applying:

· Must be an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona and majoring in Communication.

· Applicants must be entering their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year.

· Must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

· Must carry at least 12 units per EACH semester.

· Applicants must not be traveling abroad during the year they receive funding.

· Qualified applicants will demonstrate through a one-page essay how they have faced difficult financial and/or personal hardships but through these they have demonstrated persistence and determination in their academic pursuits.

· All applicants will be required to apply annually and meet the requirements and eligibility criteria through the Scholarship Universe portal.

To apply for this on Scholarship Universe, click here:

For more from the donors and the 2019-2020 recipients, watch this short clip:


MARCY FINERMAN LEWIS SCHOLARSHIP ($1204) Application Open from January 1 through April 1, 2021

A generous contribution has been made the donor through the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, to establish a scholarship in Marcy Finerman Lewis’s memory and honor.

DESCRIPTION: The Marcy Finerman Lewis Scholarship supports an undergraduate student majoring in Communication at the University of Arizona. Required GPA of 3.0, available to undergraduates students currently registered for a minimum of 12 units and who demonstrate financial need. Student may receive this scholarship one time. 

To apply for this on Scholarship Universe, click here:


DAVID A. WILLIAMS UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP (Varies per year/minimum $500) Application Open from January 1 through April 1, 2021

A generous contribution has been made to establish a scholarship in honor of Communication Professor Emeritus, David A. Williams.

DESCRIPTION: The David A. Williams Undergraduate Scholarship in Communication supports undergraduate students majoring in Communication who are entering their senior year, who demonstrate particular ability or dedication to their studies.  Preference is given to students with demonstrated financial need.  All scholarships shall be granted and approved on a yearly basis.  The scholarship will be used during the senior year. 

To apply for this on Scholarship Universe, click here:



DESCRIPTION: This scholarship award is very unique in that it is awarded to those who demonstrate the most ability to persevere AND graduate while overcoming personal, economic, physical, emotional and/or educational obstacles throughout their UA career. This award is NOT based on GPA. 

Eligibility requirements for applying:

  • Must be a Communication major
  • Must be a graduating senior and walking in convocation in Spring semester

Click here for scholarship details.

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