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Edward Ackerley's picture
Edward Ackerley
Career Track – Eller College of Management
TEL: (520) 621-2548
Office: McClelland Hall 323

Dr. Ed Ackerley teaches undergraduate courses in professional creative communication, advertising, and creativity. COMM 314 is a professional communication class focusing on creativity. COMM 404 is about creativity and leadership. His classes won first place nationally for Honda and AT&T,...
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Leila Bighash's picture
Leila Bighash
Assistant Professor
TEL: (520) 621-3562
Office: Communication 205

Leila Bighash is an Assistant Professor of Communication. Her research program focuses on organizational processes in networks where information asymmetries are salient, often in online environments. In particular, she is interested in knowledge-sharing, expertise, visibility, and signaling. She...
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Joseph Bonito's picture
Joseph Bonito
TEL: Email Only
Office: Communication 224

Dr. Bonito earned his Ph.D. in 1997 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Department of Speech Communication. His primary area of interest is small group communication processes, especially characteristics of participation. He is always interested in small group research...
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Ed Donnerstein's picture
Ed Donnerstein
Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus

Ed Donnerstein’s major research interests are in mass-media violence, as well as mass media policy. He has published over 240 scientific articles in these general areas and serves on the editorial boards of a number of academic journals in both psychology and communication. He was a member of...
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Michael Dues's picture
Michael Dues
Lecturer Emeritus

Michael Dues (Ph.D., Communication and American Studies, Indiana University, 1973) Dr. Dues studies and teaches organizational communication, conflict management, and argumentation. He is a former head of the Department of Communication, and a past President of the Arizona Communication...
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Kory Floyd's picture
Kory Floyd
TEL: (520) 621-8236
Office: Communication 321

Kory Floyd's research focuses on the communication of affection in close relationships and its effects on stress and physiological functioning. He has written 16 books and over 100 scientific papers, and he has served as editor-in-chief of Communication Monographs and the Journal of...
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Rosalind Greene's picture
Rosalind Greene
TEL: (520) 591-4058
Office: Communication 315

Rosalind is an adjunct lecturer teaching Communication and the Legal Process. She is a Trial Consultant with Advanced Jury Research, co-chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the American Society of Trial Consultants, a member of the State Bar of Arizona.  She received her J.D. from...
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Jake Harwood's picture
Jake Harwood
TEL: (520) 626-8681
Office: Communication 107

Jake Harwood (PhD, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara) is a Professor of Communication. His CV is here. His research focuses on intergroup communication with a...
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Susan Holland's picture
Susan Holland
Professor of Practice (Career Track: Not advising graduate students)
TEL: (520) 626-7367
Office: Communication 102

Susan Holland is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Communication. Prior to joining the University of Arizona, she was a Professor of Practice at Southern Methodist University. Susan has more than 15 years of interdisciplinary teaching experience within the following areas: business...
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Kate Kenski's picture
Kate Kenski
TEL: (520) 626-3066
Office: Communication 202

Dr. Kate Kenski (Ph.D. 2006, University of Pennsylvania) is a Professor in the Department of Communication where she teaches political communication, public opinion, and research methods. Prior to teaching at the University of Arizona, she was a senior analyst at the Annenberg Public Policy...
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Dam Hee Kim's picture
Dam Hee Kim
Assistant Professor
TEL: (520) 621-0953
FAX: (520) 621-5504
Office: Communication 219

Dam Hee Kim (Ph.D., University of Michigan, Homepage) is an Assistant Professor of Communication.  With her cross-disciplinary background in communication and business, Dam Hee Kim’s research focuses on the social, political and...
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Dale Kunkel's picture
Dale Kunkel
Professor Emeritus
TEL: (805) 448-5892

Dr. Dale Kunkel (Ph.D., Annenberg School, University of Southern California, 1984) is Professor of Communication at the University of Arizona. Kunkel studies children and media issues from diverse perspectives, including television effects research as well as assessments of media industry...
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Matthew A. Lapierre's picture
Matthew A. Lapierre
Associate Professor
TEL: (520) 626-5512
Office: Communication 217

Professor Lapierre (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) is an Associate Professor of Communication.  His research explores how media affects health and well-being, particularly among children/families. Research projects include investigations of the influence of marketing cues on children’s...
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Diana Leonard's picture
Diana Leonard
Senior Lecturer & Director of Public Speaking
TEL: (520) 626-3052
Office: Communication 315

Diana Leonard, Ph.D., joined The Department of Communication at The University of Arizona in Fall, 2000 as an Adjunct Instructor and Director of Public Speaking. Her current course teaching includes small group, argumentation, introduction and advanced public speaking. Dr. Leonard also served as...
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Rain Wuyu Liu's picture
Rain Wuyu Liu
Assistant Professor
TEL: (520) 626-3062
Office: Communication 105

Rain Wuyu Liu is an Assistant Professor of Communication. She was born and raised in China. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Southwest University in her home country, she came to the United States in 2010, where she received her M.A. in Public Relations from the University of Miami in...
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Margaret J. Pitts's picture
Margaret J. Pitts
Associate Professor & Associate Dean of the Graduate College
TEL: (520) 621-0420
Office: Communication 222

Maggie Pitts (PhD, Penn State, 2005) is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Associate Dean at the Graduate College at the University of Arizona. She is also Immediate Past President of the International Association of Language and Social Psychology (2018-2022).  Her ...
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Steve Rains's picture
Steve Rains
TEL: (520) 626-3065
Office: Communication 319

Steve Rains (M.S., Illinois State University; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Communication at the University of Arizona. His research is situated in the areas of health communication, social influence, and communication and technology. He is interested in better...
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Chris Segrin's picture
Chris Segrin
Professor & Department Head
TEL: (520) 621-1366
Office: Communication 220

Chris Segrin (Ph.D. 1990, University of Wisconsin) is a behavioral scientist whose specialty is interpersonal relationships and mental health. His research focuses on social skills, relationship development and satisfaction, and such problems as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and marital...
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Patricia Sias's picture
Patricia Sias
Professor Emeritus

Patty Sias received her doctoral degree in Organizational Communication, with a cognate area in Management, from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. Dr. Sias specializes in organizational communication and conducts research on workplace relationships, uncertainty, and leadership. She has...
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Carolyn Smith Casertano's picture
Carolyn Smith Casertano
Professor of Practice (Career Track: Not advising graduate students) PRSSA Faculty Adviser
TEL: (520) 626-1267
Office: Communication 101

Carolyn Smith Casertano, APR, is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona. She received her MA in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University and her BA in...
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Jennifer Stevens Aubrey's picture
Jennifer Stevens Aubrey
Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
TEL: (520) 621-7077
Office: Communication 221

Dr. Jennifer Stevens Aubrey (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2004) teaches classes on media, mass communication theory, and child and adolescent development in the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona. With an emphasis on gender and child/adolescent development, her research...
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Kyle Tusing's picture
Kyle Tusing
Professor of Practice & Director of Undergraduate Studies
TEL: (520) 626-8771
Office: Communication 201

Kyle Tusing (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison) specializes in social influence and interpersonal communication. He regularly teaches Communication 101, the introductory course to the major. He also has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on public speaking, communication theory,...
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Bo Yang's picture
Bo Yang
Assistant Professor
TEL: (520) 626-0231
Office: Communication 317

Dr. Yang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. Her research examines the intersection of health communication, strategic communication, and new media from a social scientific perspective. The primary topics of her research include how message features and audience...
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